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Fantasia Sango

Download Fantasia Sango for iOS, Android and PC (Steam). This is an old-school turn-based CRPG. This is part of a series of games. Mysteria is set in 188 AD between the 2nd and 3rd generation of the game. Like its predecessors, the game will remain as a single-player RPG with a team of main cast and the option to summon powerful Generals from the Three Kingdom era.

In 188 AD, the world was still in chaos. Both the leading roles got an order from the minister to look for a lost scroll. The two leading roles stepped on the mystery land and started their journey. Find the truth by clearing missions, meet the heroes on the paths, and together, you will evidence the their fates.

Fantasia Sango contains main characters of this franchise, changes the Sango history through the adventure. Based on the post era of the Three Kingdoms, complete stories and pass tasks, explore the world with heroes and experience a greater Fantasia Sango.

Beyond other sequels, with the detailed designed scenes, players can enjoy the adventure and stories. The game is designed by the original team to keep its authenticity of the franchise. Besides the main stories, Fantasia Sango Mysteria includes many puzzles for players.

Fantasia Sango is available for Android devices, also iPhone users. If you have a PC, you may try it in the Steam Store.

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