We choose the Top 5 superhero games for your Android or iPhone. If you’re a fan of Marvel or DC heroes, come and download all of them for free.

At the level of various film productions, whether from the Marvel studio or the DC studio, superheroes have never been so popular before. So its expansion to other comic or film-like sections, such as video games, was more than imminent. Now we have 5 varied style games with protagonists with superpowers and lots of fun.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Kabam Studio brings us many of Marvel’s characters in a game that combines RPG elements with strategy. In Marvel Battle of Superheroes you can recruit a series of heroes and train them to improve their skills.


Classic heroes have a little redesign making them look younger and willing to learn. The game has a lot of visual novel in its narrative and the fights are in a tactical scenario by turn and spaces. We will use the heroes that we train and we will defeat the different villains that are presenting us through an extensive campaign or the different events that they add in time. The game is free but includes micro transactions.


Injustice 2

Tremendous DC side game, the Injustice 2 fight series brings many iconic heroes and villains from the DC universe. Here we find the super famous Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more as well as turn villains.


The game is a Fighting that includes an extensive and very good campaign, that introduces you to a more than interesting story (which includes some cinematics) and the gameplay mechanics where you can arm teams of 3 characters and face enemies in turn in each battle. In game maintenance, there are seasonal events, daily quests, challenges and more. Ah, it includes an online mode to test our skills with other people. Like Mortal Kombat.


Marvel Future Fight


Netmarble brings us a game that, although it looks a bit like Avengers Academy, has its own personality in the different ways that we manage the different heroes or characters that we acquire. The battles are strategically cut and include a very varied range of animations that make it graphically very attractive. We can increase our equipment as we move forward, but we can also buy them with micro payments. Campaign, events, online and more are included.


Crossy Heroes Avengers


Wizard Games brings us a different game to the others. With the formula of the popular Crossy Road, this time, we won’t make a chicken cross the street, if not a Marvel character. It includes their skills and quite attractive as well as difficult scenarios. We will have scoring tables to see how well we do, various enemies and above all obstacles. Highly recommended for those looking for casual games where you don’t have to invest too much time or worry about character development and more. Super fun and with our favorite characters.


DC Legends: Battle x Justice


Here we can recruit Justice League heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more in an excellent DC game. Take part in dynamic battles between players, take on rival teams and fight for different scenarios. Give your heroes more strength with superpowers and epic abilities. Improve your attributes and equipment as you gain experience. Craft strategies and use your wits to subdue your opponent, defeat your enemies in battles and save the future of the galaxy.


5 games for those who like the superheroes that are so fashionable. From action games, from fights, to a runner. The DC house and Marvel don’t get tired of giving us trapping characters and stories and in the phone world you couldn’t be far away.