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Download Arena of Valor, from Tencent Games, one of the best free MOBA for Android and iPhone. Play as a team and get ready for battle.

The MOBA genre are a very particular type of game. We must choose a hero to take him to a battlefield. We will have a team with several teammates, each with a different hero and we must face a rival team on an equal conditions. But it’s not a direct battle. You’ll have to get resources on the battlefield to improve your character, as you gain ground and duels.

This kind of duel requires a lot of teamwork. That’s why MOBAs are very popular in the competitive field with games like League of Legends or DOTA. Now you can have that experience on your Android or iPhone.

Arena of Valor is a good game of this genre. Here the battles are 5 players against 5. The map has a three-lane design, divided into two sectors. One for the allies and one for the enemies. Each sector is guarded by defense towers and enemies in the area who won’t hesitate to attack us as soon as we reach their area. The same is true of our side.

As you eliminate rival enemies, towers, and players from the other team, your character will gain experience and coins, unlocking new skills and better weapons. The one who manages to reach the rival field and destroy it wins.

Arena of Valor the best MOBA

This type of game gains a lot of complexity as you go along. We have more than 40 heroes, choosing one of them based on our team can give us an advantage or lead us to failure. We have a variety of Tanks, Assassins, Wizards, Supports, Warriors and Shooters.

But if we don’t want to get complicated, Arena of Valor has a fast multiplayer mode consisting of 10-minute games. Other modes are the 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and a unique “Hook War”mode.

Graphically the game is very good, it is very reminiscent of other console or desktop PC options and consists of very accomplished animations. It has no problems when there are many characters on screen so we will have a good performance on our cell phone.

In social options, we can forge alliances with players from all over the world. Interact with friends and clan members using a real-time voice chat. A tournament mode and other varied options that expand the life of the game.

You can download Arena of Valor for free from the Google Play Store and App Store. It is free, but has small micro payments if you want some extra items that only influence the appearance of some characters.


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