Blade & Soul Revolution
Blade Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution

Netmarble Corporation
Age 13 Size (MB) 2.5 GB Price Free Download

With a powerful version for mobile devices, Blade & Soul Revolution, published by Netmarble for iOS and Android platforms, seeks to woo lovers of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genre.

We have to choose one of the four classes in the game: Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Blade Master and Force Master. At the beginning we will be able to obtain space for the creation of two characters on a server, where you will be able to customize it at will, taking your time, because the title contains a detailed list of characteristics that we can add to our characters. So far, it’s the standard for MMORPG games.

Blade & Soul Revolution is a freemium game, in which you can progress without investing real money, but this progression will be slow. There is a great advantage for the player who can afford to spend real money, as he will get improvements much faster without spending hours in the game. The premium packages offered by the game, with exclusive items, allow for a host of benefits.

Blade Soul Revolution Gameplay

If you want the longer way, you can also be an expert in this game, although it will cost you more hours invested. You will have to work harder to acquire, for example, a legendary team. The game allows you to create legendary, superior and heroic equipment, but with perhaps excessive prices in the game currency; For example, almost 10 million silver coins create a legendary team. If you want to equip your character with better gears, you will have to get the materials, grind the silver and invest a good amount of time so that your character is ready to fight against the most powerful monsters in the game.

Blade & Soul Revolution: Nice Gameplay

The gameplay will not be a problem for those more familiar with the genre, but the game also offers automatic mode in battle; However, if you choose to fight manually you will have a better chance of victory, as the AI ​​does not offer all the time. During the development of the battles you must choose carefully which skills of your character you will use, because while you attack you must also dodge the enemy attacks.

The game offers main and secondary missions, where you can increase your experience, earn coins and items for the construction and improvement of your characters. The higher your level in the game, the more game modes are available. We will also find daily missions and exclusive missions of the clan.

As the game progresses, it will be necessary to make improvements to the characters, raise their level and improve their skills. Character stories and cutscenes also gain depth as hours are spent playing the game. The graphics achieve a remarkable, as well as the atmosphere. However, Blade & Soul Revolution does have in-game ads.


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