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Five Stars Horizon of Memory

Playra Games – Best Mobile Games for Android and iPhone 

Five Stars Horizon of Memory is a NFT RPG Mobile game from Sky People. You can download it from here. This is a gacha game that offers high-quality graphics and a nice gameplay. Gacha, NFT and RPG, a really interesting combination.

This game has a deep fantasy story, colorful and detailed illustration-based graphics, PVP content, Clan Raids that emphasize cooperation . But the strong point of the game is the ability to create and register your own NFT wallets to convert in-game items and characters to NFTs and trade them.

Five Stars Horizon of Memory  also has a feature called “Stardust” which can be converted to “Star Token” and “Mineral Token” which can be traded on the blockchain exchange.

But remember this is a gacha game where you assemble a team of heroes together in a team and use their powers to battle against your enemies. It revolves around a single-player storyline. Players have to fork their hero’s squad train them and prepare them for your upcoming battles.

The game could be a little hard in terms of gacha. In addition it is a NFT so, we can expect a lot of difficulty. But players can try and discover if it could be good. Free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Strange Records of Pingcheng

Playra Games – Best Mobile Games for Android and iPhone 

Download Strange Records of Pingcheng, a two-dimensional mobile game. It has a high degree of freedom to explore levels, the game offers a high-quality graphics, awesome gameplay and lastly interesting mobile Action RPG gameplay. Whether you like single-player trials and adventures, 1V1 arena confrontation, or survival resource battle, there are all kinds of gameplay.

The game has a survival mode, a total of 40 people’s melee confrontation. It is mainly a PVP game. The player’s development of the hero role directly affects the performance in this resource scramble mode. Heroes with a low level of cultivation also have the opportunity to eat chickens smoothly. As long as they stabilize their development and run around to hide from poison, there is no need to worry about not surviving to the end.

In any of the trial adventures, mine palaces, survival challenge maps, etc., there are a lot of mineral resources, medicine resources, etc. provided to players, which can be used to forge equipment, improve the forging level, make medicine, improve Pharmaceutical grade, to help everyone better pass the early stage of training. In addition to basic minerals and plant resources, various equipment treasure chests appear randomly, dropping equipment and weapons of various levels. Whether it is for the hero’s own use or decomposed into materials.

The game is in CBT phase. Strange Records of Pingcheng is only available on China TapTap.


Static Shift Racing

Playra Games – Best Mobile Games for Android and iPhone 

Download Static Shift Racing, a new mobile high-quality racing car game. Static Shift Racing is a mobile racing game that allows players to customize their cars and compete against other players in an open world. The game features an extensive catalog of modifications for cars, allowing players to create the car of their dreams.

The game takes place in an open world playground called Static Nation which is comprised of multiple districts. Players can compete in various race types such as Circuit Races, Sprint Races, Drift Sprints and Marker Hunt. The game also features challenges scattered throughout the world and an ever-expanding car list. Static Shift Racing also delivers stunning graphics to provide an immersive gaming experience.

The game is good so far, the customization is pretty good and the parts are inexpensive for the cars themselves. Later levels are a challenge and players may have to end up just skipping them with race tickets most of the time because cars performs the same as it did from the first series.

There’s only 5 cars at launch and one of them needs real cash to buy and the other two are super expensive(one being priced at 50 grand and the other one unlocked after you have two cars at lvl 5 and i don’t feel like wasting money on buying another tier one car.) There will be more cars added as the game is updated more but if there could be a way to earn credits in game, that would be nice.

Static Shift Racing is available for Android and iOS for free.


NBA Absolute Superstar

Playra Games – Best Mobile Games for Android and iPhone 

Download NBA Absolute Superstar (NBA絕對巨星) a basketball authorized by the NBA. The game brings more than 100 well-known NBA stars. You can form your own team; cultivate your own MVP; personally command your team to play every classic NBA game; and win the NBA’s highest honor with your team.

From 2010 to 2022, every classic NBA game will be presented at your fingertips one by one. All you have to do is lead your team to fight in every classic game, challenge those legendary players and teams. Players can customize a new star player of your own, whether it is his name, skin color, body shape, or team and number, it is completely up to you to decide.

Competitive use does not stop, blood will not cool down. There are several competitive challenges such as dynasty challenges, peak challenges, draft matches, and arenas. Lead your team to compete with players from all over the world, and the competition and passion will never stop.

Authorized by the NBA, full 3D real-life modeling! There are more than 100 NBA stars such as LeBron James, Lorenzo Brown, Jr, O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Willy Hernangomez waiting for your choice. The game has a real arena competition. As a super manager, you need to observe the changes on the field all the time, catch fleeting opportunities, and command your team to change strategies on the field. Whether to attack or defend depends entirely on your judgment.

NBA Absolute Superstar (NBA絕對巨星) is available for Android and iOS devices, but limited to China.


Target Ops

Download Target Ops for Android. A offline FPS game that is similar to Counterstrike. The game is really low profile so it can works almost in any device. Target Ops is released by Sensus Tech and for those that are interested in the game, you can download it now.

Target Ops comes with a variety of different weapons and modes to choose from. The game has stunning graphics that help create an immersive atmosphere, and players can choose to play as either SWAT or the bad guys.The game includes two campaign modes, a zombies mode, and both multiplayer PvP and PvE modes. The game is worth trying out as it offers a unique take on mobile shooting games and has a wide range of different weapons, tactics, and modes that will keep players entertained.

The graphics are really simple. But the atmosphere is right, and if first-person shooters don’t have the proper atmosphere, the game is almost ruined. The game comes from Sensus Tech, a really small studio.

Why download Target Ops? Well, the game is fairly simple but easy to enjoy. It is really lightweight and doesn’t need a powerful mobile phone. So you can enjoy it almost in any device. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Download Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. The game is available on the Netflix App for Android and iOS. The game pays tribute to the Harlem Hellfighters, the first African-American infantry unit to fight in World War I, who broke down racial barriers at home and abroad. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, directed by the original core team from Valiant Hearts: The Great War, features a mix of exploration, puzzles and action as players find their way through this story of brotherhood and companionship.

In the game, you can solve puzzles, fly above chaos and heal the wounded in the World War I. As war rages on, two brothers fight to survive the trenches and find each other again. Their paths will cross with new heroes who will share in the joy of reuniting and surviving the horrors of the Western Front.

This sequel will follow in the footsteps of the original game and continue to tell stories of ordinary people thrust into the extraordinary circumstances of World War I. It uses the same animated graphic novel-style art as the first title. Its environments range from the depths of the sea and the raging skies to the trenches of the Western Front. You can immerse yourself in an artistically unique experience.

This is a dramatic narrative game that follows four characters in a story about friendship, survival, and sacrifice as they deal with the overwhelming impact of war. As you may already be aware, the original Valiant Hearts: The Great War was released on mobile way back in 2014, and it fit the mobile platform quite well.

The new game launches in early 2023, exclusively for Netflix members on the Netflix mobile app.

ZoldOut Global

Download ZoldOut Global Edition, a semi-turn-based mobile SRPG made by C4C Entertainment. The game is finally being released and available to download worldwide. Zold:Out is a semi-turn-based tactical RPG that includes deck building. The game has a unique action system in which players have 12 action points to spend on various battle actions.

ZoldOut Global is a semi-turn-based RPG with an emphasis on deck-building and sending your units out on the stage to deal damage. Each character has a different method of attacks and when combined with the weapon deck with over 200 weapon cards, offers a huge variety of options and abilities.

The core gameplay revolves around the use of action points and cards. Each character has 12 action points that can be spent to perform actions in battle. The number of action points remaining will affect the duration of subsequent rounds. Players can choose to spend all of their action points at once to deal massive damage, or save some action points for more flexible movement and strategy. The choice is yours to make as you control the battle style of your characters.

The game takes place on a non-grid battlefield, great for movement and strategy. Players must think strategically and adjust their tactics if they want to have fun in the game. The game encourages players to think creatively and devise their own strategies. Simply leveling up your status won’t be enough to defeat these powerful foes – you’ll need to find your own way to overcome the challenges they present and come up with creative solutions.

It is worth noting that recently the game’s Japanese server was shut down on July 20, though hopefully, the English server will fare better with fan support. ZoldOut Global is available in Google Android Play Store, iOS Play Store and Steam. It’s free.

Wipeout Party Royale

Download Wipeout Party Royale, a new mobile fall guys-like game that are made by Shengqu games. This game is only available on Brazil and doesn’t seem to get out of there, for now. Wipeout Party Royale is a multiplayer game that features flashy avatars and clothing options, allowing players to customize their appearance. Players can choose to play with friends in co-op mode or compete against each other.

“Wipeout: Party Royale is a great game that you can play with tons of your friends through a series of different levels, round after round of chaos, obstacles and incredible challenges until a winner emerges. This is an endless runner game that lets you run, marathon and slide past competitors in their very colorful and wacky software designs.”

Uncle McDonald, Street Girl, Biker Boy are waiting for you! Clothes, costumes, accessories… Many looks available for free to play. You will always find one that suits you. You can play with many different friends through a number of different levels, round after round of mayhem. Or you can also defeat your opponents and rivals and overcome everything at every step until you win! Jump, punch, pick up and throw!

The game lets you run, marathon and slide past competitors in a super colorful and crazy design and software. You can blast a cannonball in the dessert world and put the track shoes on the current or even throw the others. The game is currently in a testing phase and we look forward to hearing from each player what they really think.

Wipeout Party Royale is only available on Brazil.

Monster Universe – Volzerk

Download Monster Universe, aka “Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown”, a free-to-play action monster breeding and action RPG video game developed and published by COLOPL.

Join protagonist Fina on an adventure to discover legendary monsters. Raise monsters, join a colorful cast of friends, and face off against powerful enemies.

There is a solitary island in the distant sea where various monsters live. A long time ago, the island was reigned by a guardian dragon called “Volzark” , but a threatening magical beast “Magna” appeared, and Volzark was fatally injured in the battle. And at the moment it disappeared, Volzak is said to have sent nine factors all over the island.

The girl “Feena” who was present at that moment turned 16 years old and joined the investigation team of the island’s monsters. Feena is the main character of this work, and the player will run around the island with her to revive Vorzak. With her obsessive love of monsters, Fina’s sole goal in life is to get as close to them as she can.

Monster Universe – Volzerk is a field exploration type action RPG, and the player operates Feena and her friends to develop an adventure. The biggest feature is that Feena’s party can ride monsters and run around the field.

Monsters that can be ridden are called “Maumon” and can be made friends by defeating them in the field and performing “pairing” . Maumon that has been successfully paired can be ridden and fought by matching the compatibility with the character’s equipment (sword, axe, spear, staff).  The maximum party size is 3 people, and switching between characters by tapping the icon seemed to be a key part of the battle.

Monster Universe (Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown) is available for Android and iOS players. It has a PC version on Steam too. The game is F2P but includes some micro payments.

Various Daylife Mobile

Various Daylife Mobile comes to Android and iOS. In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, a new continent was discovered. Explore every corner as a colonist of Antoecia while leading a full life in the city of Erebia.

This is a RPG Meele game from Square Enix. It was available for Apple on the Apple Arcade, but now it has been released on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Sadly, not free.

VARIOUS DAYLIFE has more than 20 classes and more than 100 types of jobs that can be done. Since you’ll be able to increase your strength with physical work or improve your magic with mental tasks, you can shape your character however you like depending on the chosen job.

In this game players can choose what limited rations, items, and camping gear you will take with you as you leave the safety of the city to face the unknown. You will face monsters, bad weather and food spoilage on the various frontiers of Antoecia. You will have to make these kinds of decisions as you make your way across the continent, where no one has set foot before.

Introducing a new twist on traditional class and skill-based turn-based combat, with a unique system that relies heavily on collaborating with your allies.

Various Daylife Mobile is available on Android and iOS devices for 19.99$. There may be discounts and price cuts time to time.

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