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A game that usually goes unnoticed in its release, but a good marketing and a dose of luckย  could make it viral overnight. This is what happened with Coin Master, a title developed by the Israeli Moon Active studio. Coin Master was developed in 2016 but it was a couple of years ago when it reached enormous notoriety and millions of downloads on the stores. Like Among Us.

The objective is to get money to build your Viking village, having the possibility to attack other villages and steal their money. However, it is in the slot machine where users will spend most of their time, because in these you will get not only money, but also shields and weapons to attack your neighbors.

What is Coin Master about?

The gist of the game is to be a virtual slot machine, so it is likely that not all parents are comfortable having their underage children addicted to Coin Master.

In this game we need to collect all the spins we can. When you already have enough, you can spend them in the slot machine, where your main objective will be to get the coins, but you can also attack, make raids or obtain shields. The game’s characters, without a background, travel through time and through epic lands to build their village.

Coin Master Gameplay

The more coins you get in the slot, the faster you can build and upgrade your village, as well as earn stars and progress through the rankings. What you get allows you to storm neighboring villages to steal their coins. Of course, do not expect a bloody battle or anything like that, because the animations are far from violent.

When you raid a village, the loot and treasure, which arrive in the form of letters, are the most important things. By completing the card games you will be able to advance to a next village. With each village conquered the earnings will be much better.

Coin Master gives you free spins every hour (five in total, although you can buy more with real money) and the possibility of playing with your friends in Facebook. Remember, collecting enough coins to buy a building in your village can take many hours.

You can play with your friends through Facebook and invite them to try Coin Master. It is necessary an account in Facebook, but there is also the possibility of continuing as a guest, a nice option if you care much more about the privacy of your social networks.

Coin Master is free to play, but as mentioned above, it is possible to make in-app purchases with real money, to bypass, for example, the process to get coins (with a minimum investment of $8).

Also, thanks to Facebook, you can see your friends in the game itself, but there is no messaging service in it. It is possible to view the avatars of your friends, but if you want to chat with them you will have to go to another social network.


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