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Fortnite is a cultural hit. It is one of the most well known games today. Fortnite Mobile is available for Windows PCs, PlayStation consoles, Xbox and now also for Android and we hope, soon for iPhone again.

In Fortnite, as in many other Battle Royals of the genre, we must compete against other players for being the last survivor on an island. To do this, you’ll have at your disposal a variety of different weaponry, healing items, traps and other gadgets. Fortnite includes a lot of variety in each catgoery, we will have classic weapons such as shotguns, hand guns, short range rifles, sniper, etc. And at the same time, short-range weapons like an axe, a paraglider to fly, jars to recover health, traps that you can place on the stage and a few more mechanics.

But what really separates Fortnite from other games is the ability to build. One of the main mechanics is the ability to lift various structures using different materials wich can be collected in the island. These will help us to access difficult areas, use them as a shield, control the playing field, it is a feature that expands the creativity of the game to very addictive levels, although it requires some skill.

Fortnite Mobile: A world in constant evolution

Fortnite Mobile

Graphically Fortnite is a very well achieved game. It kepps the cartoon graphics style, allowing you to get better fidelity to the PC or console versions. In other games, since art is more realistic, limitations are more noticeable. This does not happen in Fortnite. On the contrary, playing it on a phone, a portable device, seems like one of the best ways to enjoy the experience. As always, this is limited by feeling of the controls and by the power of our mobile device.

This is a game wich is frequently updated. It has different seasons released throughout the lifetime of the game. Its last major update is called Chapter 2.

Currently Fortnite Mobile is available for download through the EPIC Store.


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