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Download Legends of Runeterra for Android and iPhone. One of the best card games for cell phones. This is a game of collecting cards and using them strategically on the battlefield.

Legends of Runeterra is Riot’s card game. One of the best titles of the genre for cell phones, also available on PC and other platforms.

How do you play Legends of Runeterra?

It is a classic card game. First we must assemble our deck of cards, plan the strategy and we can face another player in a card duel. We must develop an offensive and offensive based on the cards that we have available each turn. The objective is to attack and reduce the opponent’s points until they reach zero, which will give us the victory of the game.

It may seem simple, but due to the number of cards and complexity, it is necessary to learn very well what each one does and develop the correct strategy. The game has a “mana” system which allows us to perform the spells of our characters, it has a cost, the correct management of it is the key to victory.

The game does not have “booster packs”, the cards can be selected in the store as we need any. There is a limit on the type of cards that we can acquire from time to time so as not to create a disadvantage in player versus player duels.

Another point in favor of Legends of Runeterra is that we can get all the cards either for free or with the currency in the game. Beyond the envelopes with random cards, we can look for a specific card that is missing from our collection and buy it with the currency of the game.

The game looks great, has smooth animations, and runs on all types of phones. The atmosphere of the game is very good, the champions not only have an excellent design, they also have very good dialogues and even interact with each other when fighting.

Legends of Runeterra has a high-level competitive mode. Includes a global tournament at the end of the season with exclusive prizes. It is the maximum mode of competition aimed at the best players.

This is an excellent card game, with high production values ​​and a highly competitive environment. Free for Android and iPhone.

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