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Download the fun MilkChoco for Android and iPhone cell phones. This is an action and confrontation game between teams in different battle arenas in player versus player modes.

MilkChoco is an action game. We take control of our character who will be sent to a battle arena where we must face other players. The game has different modes with different objectives each one, reaching the top and achieving victory is the objective.

How do you play MilkChoco?

In this game we have many heroes at our disposal. Each of them has a set of skills that works better or worse depending on our style of play. We have multiple types of weapons and abilities to face other players.

At the level of maps and modes, we have many, including the classics: Assault or Battle to the Death. The very popular “Battle Royale” where we must face a multitude of other players and survive until the end. But the main mode is the 5v5 matchup.

At the graphic level Milkchoco is quite simple, but they work very well in what you are looking for. Battle arenas emulate other well-known games like PUBG, CoD, etc. The game is really small in size, barely 60MB. So it comes in handy if you have little space on the phone.

The game is free for Android and iPhone. It is recommended to associate a Google account, that way even if you change your mobile, you can log in with the same account and keep your progress.


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