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Download Pokémon HOME for Android and iPhone cell phones. Pokémon Home is a cloud service, designed to be a place where you can gather all your Pokémon that you collect from the different versions of the Pokémon games. So it is more a complement for those who are fans of the pokémon world and have different versions of the games.

What can we do in Pokémon Home?

Inside Home we can store different types of pokémon, there is a prodigious box with the function to receive all the Pokémon. This application has many functions, for example, the Trainer’s notes show the date the Pokémon was found.

You can search for Pokémon that have the same original trainer from a Pokémon’s data screen. When searching for Pokémon, you can specify the language and class of Poké Ball it was captured with. Thus we can perform many types of search. We remember that having many pokémon is normal, each game brings new ones and we save from previous versions. So looking for a specific one can be a difficult task without Pokémon Home.

What Pokémon do I find in Home?


You can bring into Pokémon Home any Pokémon that has appeared in a main series game. You can also bring certain Pokémon to your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game using the Pokémon HOME version for Nintendo Switch. Using a mobile device, you can trade Pokémon with players around the world at any time, wherever you are. In addition, you will have the possibility of making exchanges in different ways, such as through the GTS or the prodigious box.

Pokémon HOME is the pokémon bank. Here you will have everyone you catch in the different games. An excellent command center to manage our pokémon. Thus, it will be easier to complete the National Pokédex. You can also check all the movements and all the skills. You can receive mysterious gifts quickly and conveniently through your mobile device. Pokémon HOME can be used on devices that have one of these operating systems: Android 6 or higher.

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