Pokémon PlayHouse

Pokémon PlayHouse

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Download Pokémon Playhouse  for Android and iPhone cell phones. This is a pokémon game for the small kids on the house. In this game we can interact with all kinds of Pokémon and raise them as if they were digital pets, a really fun games.

Pokémon PlayHouse brings different areas to be able to carry out the care of our pokémon. We have a tower where we will find a spa, a dining room, a garden and other areas inside the house. Also included are activities designed for the youngest Pokémon fans, such as star gazing to identify a Pokémon in the sky.

How to play Pokémon PlayHouse

At the beginning we will be given a Pokémon egg that we must take care of. As we progress, complete activities and make progress, the egg will hatch and give us a new Pokémon that we must take care of. The mechanics are very simple, the minigames and the game in general is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old.

As a guide, we will have a human character that will guide us through all the activities that we can do within the Pokémon Playhouse. It is a very simple and casual game.

Pokémon PlayHouse includes a mode where we can see the activities that the pokémons carry out. For this we can go to the game room to listen to a story and see our favorite Pokémon enjoying new and exciting adventures.

The Pokémon Playhouse application does not store any personal information or include in-app purchases. The game is free.


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