Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Rise of Empires

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Long Tech Network Limited
Age 13 Size (MB) 700 Price Free Download

If you like games like Age of Empires and expect to play one of them in your phone, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, developed by Long Tech Network Limited is one of the best options out there. It has many things in common with other strategy games, but it also has important differences that make it unique in the strategy genre.

We can play Rise of Empires in real time in multiplayer mode, we got the role of the leader of a town or village that has been devastated by a deadly enemy: the mysterious phantom legion. This is how the game starts. We have to start building the empire of our dreams from the ruins of an ancient town. As in other strategy games, you can train your troops, train and dominate dragons or recruit legendary heroes, although the end game will require much more than skill.

The game adds unique characteristics in the genre. Thanks to its real-time combat against other players from around the world, we have the possibility of making alliances, which will not necessarily mean peace treaties. However, a large and active alliance will be important to your progress, because the bonuses for missions will be higher. The game will be easier, and progress will be faster, with a good alliance.

A good thing about Rise of Empires is that it does not limit the empire building, you can let your imagination run wild, because in this game, for example, buildings will need connections such as roads, so you will have to make an effort to find a good area for everything. One detail to keep in mind is to try to make your Castle achieve the best possible level in the shortest time available. You can also follow the recommendations that the game gives to beginners, to know that you are progressing properly.

Rise of Empires: Nice Strategy Game

Rise of Empires Ice Fire

An interesting detail in this game is that when you reach level 6 you will be able to choose a class, each one focused on a different aspect of the game, with its advantages and disadvantages. We can be a farmer, assailant or merchants. If you want to progress in order, you can choose the farmer class at the beginning, because that will increase the production of your resources. But don’t worry, you can change your class when you reach level 10, and it will be for free. If what you want is to have an unstoppable army, do not doubt that assailant is your class.

In Rise of Empires there are a significant number of buildings and constructions with which we will have to familiarize ourselves quickly, in order to advance in the game. They will be useful if we want to have a powerful empire as soon as possible, so that we can enter to fight. The graphics of this title are quite well done, although they require a powerful Internet connection to have stability and fluidity.

But the game also has some cons. For example, getting a hero is extremely difficult, a path that is paved if you invest real money. With a hero, your army will benefit for the battles, so if you don’t plan to pay for something like that, you will have to find other ways to win in the war.

The game has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 in the Play Store and 4.5 in the App Store. For Android users, versions higher than 4.1 are required, while for iOS it is 8 or higher. It weighs about 700 megabytes, so you will need a good storage space to enjoy this free to play title.

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