Download the best role-playing games for mobile

If you are a fan of medieval stories, RPG role-playing games are your best option on Android and iPhone. Download a selection of the best games, with the best scores and downloads.

With a powerful version for mobile devices, Blade & Soul Revolution, published by Netmarble for iOS and Android platforms, seeks to woo lovers of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genre. We have to choose one of the four classes in the game: Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Blade Master and Force Master. At the beginning we will be […]

Download Guardian Tales for Android and iPhone. This is fun Rp2 game in 2D animation. A classic adventure in a vast and challenging world. Guardian Tales is a pretty classic ARPG. It uses the same game system that we can see in other games of the same genre, such as Maple Story. Tell an interesting and funny story. It has […]

Download Maplestory M, RPG role-playing game for Android phones and iPhone. In this classic online RPG we can collect monsters that we did not face during our adventures in the world of Maple M and enjoy some of the most popular PC games ever. MapleStory M is the mobile version of the popular MapleStory. A game that was all the […]

Download this fantastic role-playing game, Eternal Senia Hydrangea after the Rain free for Android and iPhone. In this story, full of RPG and “visual novel” touches, we are told how our protagonist Senia is once again on a mission to find her sister, but this time, she will not be accompanied by anything else by the sword of her. This […]

Download Quest Town Saga, role-playing game for Android and iPhone. Kairosoft brings us a new role-playing game for mobile. This title tells us that a dark shadow was cast in a quiet little town … well no, actually they were just a bunch of silly looking monsters that suddenly caused trouble. Anyway, someone has to teach them a lesson, and […]

Download the fantasy RPG Summoners’ War: Sky Arena for Android phones and iPhone. In this classic RPG we must enter the Sky Arena, and fight for what seems to be the most important resource in that world: The Mana Stones. This is an RPG with gacha touches, where we must get the best heroes and the best skills to advance […]

Download Mobile Legends: Adventure for Android and iPhone. This is an epic role-playing game for cell phones. In Mobile Legends, we enter an RPG world full of combat and strategies. Our objective will be to assemble the best squad of 5 characters that we find and face all the enemies that we find. We are going to the Tower of […]

Download Bistro Heroes for Android and iPhone. Entertaining game with an anime setting. This is an RPG style game where we must take our characters hunting to find the best ingredients. At the same time we develop a city, a business and level up our characters. Bistro Heroes is a pretty nifty RPG. It is visually handled in an anime […]