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Download Scribble Rider! A game with more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store. This is an excellent arcade driving game that offers many hours of entertainment. Right at start of the game, our first objective will be to create the tires that our bike needs for its first motorcycle race. This will be our first attempt. We will do it in the box on our screen. With these wheels you can move and choose the direction, left or right, automatically.

To draw the stroke of the wheels, we will use the drag action at the bottom of the screen. When you lift your finger, your drawing will be registered, even if you have drawn only one line, and the game will place it at the end of the motorcycle’s axles; However, if you are not convinced by the drawing, you can replace it without problems, with more useful and complex shapes.

The Scribble Rider Adventure! begins when the game challenges us to beat an opponent. In addition to the challenge of drawing wheels for each game and terrain, we must beat our rival to be the first to reach the end of the course. Sounds simple? It will not be and you will see it very quickly, because this is a game that challenges your intelligence to defeat your opponents. Drawing the right wheels for the bike is just the first challenge.

Scribble Rider! – Race with style

The challenge of drawing the most suitable wheels for each terrain is one of the strengths of this game. You do not need to stay only with the first set of wheels that you design, because in some levels using the same thing can play against you. You may notice it when our bike starts to lose speed, probably because the terrain is different. The solution will be to design new wheels. The track, moreover, will not be easy to overcome, it presents obstacles and elements that will invite us to be more ingenious to add speed.


The game presents different levels, to make the challenge more difficult and the experience better. For example, if your motorcycle slides on water it is possible to change the circular wheels for paddles for better acceleration. If you have no problem and a good read, you can try to draw your opponent’s wheels, if you go too far back in a race. With Scribble Rider! you can roll, swim or fly.

In addition, the player must be ready to face vertical sections, where the wheels will not be able to give us the necessary momentum, so it will be time to learn how to design propellers to overcome the drone section. This racing game includes integrated purchases that will also allow you to overcome the always annoying ads, which appear after each level passed. With real money you can improve the aesthetics, but not the gameplay. It is also possible to add coins, but things do not change in the game.

This is a very fun and even addictive game, as each level presents a new challenge of difficulty. This title from the French firm has good moments of entertainment. It is available for Android users 4.4 or higher, while for iOS users it requires version 10.0 and higher, and it is available only for iPhone and iPad.


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