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It doesn’t take much time to master Stair Run. Overcoming the obstacles in each level is just the beginning. The game from the studio Voodoo is quite addictive, with millions of downloads among the main platforms for smartphones.

In Stair Run, everything can happen very quickly, so be careful. The game consists of completing stages by collecting the stairs that appear to us, the same ones that we will use to pass the following and various obstacles.
B by touching the screen you can choose the direction in which you will place the ladder that will take you to the next obstacle. Create stairs with the stairs you have collected. Keep touching the screen if you want to go up and release your finger if you want to go down; If you run out of stairs, you will automatically go down.

It will not be difficult to finish the 31 levels available in the game, but you have to put a little effort, being careful not to hit the red blocks by accident, because they will make you lose your progress and you will have to try again from the middle off the platform, which will prevent you from picking up quite a few ladders. With the blue blocks you can create new stairs to reach the next level.

During the game it is possible to collect gold coins and also points, which you can obtain by getting close enough to the upper platform. If you do, you will automatically earn 50 gold coins and have the highest score for the level. However, if you run out of stairs along the way you can lose your progress in the level, having run into many obstacles, but it is not an impediment to finish Star Ruin, as this title offers many possibilities to complete its stages. Also, although you may not like the option, if you find a level with great difficulty you can always watch an advertising video to skip it.

Stair Run: Simple but fun

Therefore, as we said above, the game requires more ingenuity than skill, but you may have to repeat some stages a few times before finishing them. A really nice arcade game like Scribble Rider.

Coins appear throughout Stair Run, many times above, in the middle, or below platforms, making it more challenging for you to collect them. However, getting the coins should be a secondary objective, as they do not grant anything special for them; that is to say, they are practically useless, and it is something that Voodoo could correct in the future, such as perhaps adding new characters, platforms or new backgrounds, aesthetic elements that make the game even more attractive. More important is to get the highest score and create stairs that take you to the top of the platform.

In the game, each new level has new obstacles. When the complications arrives, the best option is to touch the screen as quickly as possible, creating small stairs that allow avoiding friction with obstacles; These can arrive in enormous dimensions or in small, but massive objects. If there is a higher platform that you aspire to climb to, tap the screen faster, but being careful not to hit the bottom of the platform, causing you to lose some stairs before reaching your destination platform.

Stair Run, with more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store, is available for Android users with version 4.4 or higher, while for iOS users it requires version 10 or higher. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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