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Download World War 2, one of the best strategy games from World War II for Android and iPhone. This is a strategy game that places us in World War II, we will relive the most famous combats of this event in the history of mankind.

World War 2 is a strategy game (unlike World War Heroes which is an FPS). We will face our rivals within a playing field that includes famous assault campaigns in the history of World War II.

How do you play World War 2: WW2?

We have a board at our disposal where we will place our forces. The objective is to defeat the enemy with a series of limited movements. To do this, we must develop the best plan according to the arsenal we have as well as the limitations of the terrain and its conditions. Taking advantage and winning is not an easy job.

It also has some management, we must know what parts of our weapons we want to improve and how to position it on the battlefield. We have soldiers, war tanks, long-distance weapons, others short. Knowing what place each one occupies on the battlefield and where it must move is the key to understanding this game.

In the production section, the game includes generals with famous names from World War II. As well as the name of divisions such as the “Guderian deutschland” division, the “Zhukov” Moscow defense war, among others.

The game includes the Minsk Campaign, Siege of Kiev, Leningrad Defense War, Moscow Defense War, Mars Plan and Kurs War. It also brings airborne soldiers, soldiers engineer, lay mines, among others.

World War 2 is free for Android and iOS phones.

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